Best Microfinance Software in Rajasthan

Microfinance Companies in Rajasthan also face problems regarding their day to day operations. Regular bank like financial institutions use fully fledged Banking software by paying hefty price. But all startup MFIs may not be able to invest that huge money on getting high profile costly application to manage their business.

With over 12 years of experienced, we are providing advanced, best Microfinance software, free demo, free download, online registration. Our Microfinance banking software in Rajasthan is the provision of financial services to low-income clients or solidarity lending groups including consumers and the self employed, who are traditionally lack of access to banking & Insurance related services.

How Microfinance Software can help in the finance business?

Loans Management

Microfinance Companies offer microloans. These kinds of credits are quite different from the bank provided loans. Banks generally provide big ticket loans whether MFIs offer small amount of loans. The rates of interest of micro credits are also less. Most interestingly, MFIs does not demand any kind of collateral or securities for providing loans.

Loan Recovery

After providing loans, it’s time to apply loans recovery measurements. Therefore, there are huge tasks which the MFIs need to take care of. An excellent Microfinance Software comes with all kinds of loan recovery tools and modules that are essential to manage any loan recovery procedures.

  • Loan Application Process,
  • Loan Documentation,
  • Loan Amount and Rate of Interest Calculation,
  • Underwriting, Approval and Disbursal,
  • Money Transfer to the client’s accounts,
  • Creation and validations of repayment schedules.

Well, these are the average details of Microfinance Software features in Rajasthan. If you want more information about software for Microfinance business in Rajasthan, then you may visit us or contact us.

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